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I absolutely LOVE the artwork by Alma from @almahoffmann! She is a passionate artist and we are amazed at how talented she is! Here is a little bit about Alma:

“My life is divided between being a professor and a designer. Lately though, I have found an outlet in lettering and calligraphy. I have a deep love for letterforms and type. I have a deep passion for design, problem solving, visual thinking, research, learning, typography, geometry, movement, and others. Being a designer and an educator allows me to continuously learn which fits me well since I am very curious. Being an educator also allows me to think a lot about how we learn things, how we process data, how we apply and use that data, and keep growing. I am also constantly dabbling on different media like painting, doodling, calligraphy, hand-lettering, photography, etc..”

You can see more of Alma’s work here:

Instagram: @almahoffmann

Or at her website: http://www.wellchosenletters.com

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