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The Best of These is LOVE!

The greatest of these is LOVE! I am constantly amazed at how love affects people. Love has the ability to brighten someone’s day in the way that material things can’t. God tells us to LOVE so many times in the Bible. I love the way that Megan shares this truth through her art.

Megan’s art studio didn’t come about in a traditional ways. Proclaim Designs was birth out of a very hard season in her life where she had to learn how to unpack painful realities and process what felt like unbearable disappointment. The God of hope had bigger plans for her. In the midst of what she calls the dark night of her soul, she felt her heart weakening under all the pressure. Out of God’s grace and perseverance, she started to use her creativity to surround herself with reminders of what God was singing over her. Feeling her heart come back alive with each stroke of her paintbrush. It helped set her gaze stay steady on truth and stand firm on God’s promises. Little by little, she found others who were sitting in the divine room of waiting and contending, that needed reminders and strength and before she knew it she had a business partnering with her Maker beautifying the world around her. Her deepest passion is to live an Isaiah 49:2 lifestyle and that her art will pour God’s love onto others. You can find more of her work on proclaimdesigns.com

IG: @proclaim_designs

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