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It’s Not About What We Have

“It’s not about WHAT we have in life, but WHO we have in life that matters”

     I absolutely love everything about this quote! Sometimes in life we get so caught up in what we have. We always want more “stuff.” I find myself wanting the newest technology, the most stylish clothes, and cute jewelry. Every time I walk into target I am overwhelmed with the feeling that I need everything. I need those shoes and that sweater. I definitely need a new scarf. I could really use more pens even though I have WAY too many. I get consumed by WHAT I want. I recently found out that we are moving across the country. The Lord has provided us with a house that is already furnished. It has pretty much everything we need, which is amazing. The kicker is that I now need to get rid of many of my own items. We will be living in this new house for at least five years, so there is really no need for me to put my own furniture in storage for 5 years. I found myself a little sad at the thought of selling some of my favorite items. I then realized how silly I was being. I have ALL that I need. I have a wonderful husband, two beautiful babies, great friends, and so many others. I get to live in a beautiful house with a comfortable bed and cozy couches. I also get to live in it with my favorite people. It doesn’t matter what type of furniture the house has. I’m just happy to have a couch to cuddle with my kiddos on. Anyways, think about WHO you have into your life and thank God for them. When you find yourself thinking about more things you want, think about all that God has already blessed you with! Lots of love,

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