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Featured Artist: Realm Designs

Hey guys!! Check out this letter I received from Realm Designs!! I am excited to share with you their mission.

“Firstly, I am Roslyna, founder of Realm Design Australia. I run a Christian business where my products are used by my customers to tell people about God . We also use our jewelry to release Love encounters to many unsuspecting people at our outreaches. We are a not-for-profit ministry and 100% of our profits go into funding our outreaches across Sydney, Australia.

I have run my Christian jewelry business successfully for the past eight years, but back in February this year, after months of deliberating on the right name to re-brand our jewelry business, I woke up and heard God say “Realm Design”. Exactly one week later, I had a dream where an Angel not only showed me the logo for Realm Design, but also the first range of Bible pendants that I was to design for men, which I am currently working on.

Being a marketplace ministry such as myself, and a missionary that Cindy McGill is, we lack the funds to put this project into motion as you can understand. So we need your help!

Our initial goal is $8000 for the pendants, after which any funds we raise above this will go toward the Burning Man Outreach.

Please will you take some time to read about our campaign. There is an exciting offer for your readers – anyone who donates a minimum of $100 AUD will receive a free Burning Lion pendant with a bible verse on the back, and any donations above $500 will receive a signed copy of Cindy’s book, “What your Dreams are telling you”.

If it aligns with your heart and your vision for evangelism, please will you lend us your support by donating and/or sharing about our campaign across all your channels of influence?

Other essentials:

  • The Link for the Burning Lion campaign is http://tinyurl.com/hvdb6ps
  • Our Facebook page
  • Our Instagram account

You may possibly have seen my Armor of God bracelet posts on Facebook and Instagram which is the other design that God has given me to launch Realm with, of which He gave me the symbols to be included in each emblem, as well as a book about spiritual warfare which I am currently writing. I will be in contact with you later about this also.

Cindy has run this event for 20 years and it has seen tremendous fruit. We just want to see God’s Kingdom upon the earth amongst the ones who are so open to spirituality but are not able to find truth as churches don’t go into their arenas.

Bless you,

Ros @ RealmDesign



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