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Come Let us Eat.

I love this! Jesus actually wants to eat with us. The God of the universe wants to spend every moment with us. Whether we are going for a walk, working, or simply eating breakfast. He wants to do life WITH us. I am so thankful that we serve a God who is so present. This beautiful piece was done by Lauren Santos!

Lauren is an artist from El Paso, TX. She started her Etsy shop as a side business while she tried to determine what career she was “really” supposed to be pursuing. In a series of events that could have only been orchestrated by the Holy Spirit, did she come to discover that her “side job” would be “the job” God had called her to do. She now works out of her home to bring art and faith together as a way to evangelize others! When she’s not painting, she can be found reading a good book with a cup of tea in hand, binge watching Netflix, crafting or planning future trips to travel the world.

Website: www.whenbeautymettruth.etsy.com
Instagram: @whenbeautymettruth

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